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RGV Mobile Ads vehicle is a unique, striking medium that brings a whole new dimension to outdoor advertising. Our state of the art vehicle utilizes an accurately timed scrolling display system, featuring a number of designed billboards on each of its three sides. Usually each billboard is thirty seconds, and then is replaced by the next billboard ad. This scrolling method continues all day and into the evening generating thousands of impressions per day for each billboard ad displayed. In a typical day, a single ad will be displayed 514 times averaging over 4,200 viewers. RGV Mobile Ads vehicle operates on predetermined routes specifically designed to maximize your company’s exposure to your target audience. In the early morning and evening hours, your advertisement becomes more enhanced through an internal lighting system that creates a glowing effect, capturing a higher level of interest from your future customer’s attention. We operate Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with a concentration of target marketing occurring during the morning, lunch, and afternoon rush hours. The overall strategy is to have your billboard ad shown as much as possible each week. We take your company’s message directly to potential buyers, capturing their attention through color, lighting, and movement. With RGV Mobile Ads, your audience can’t turn the page, change the station, or switch to another channel. Capture the thousands of daily commuter’s attention while they are already out and about, shopping or looking for entertainment.

Capturing your customer attention

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